Our Process

How we craft our delicious beers.
Step 1


Grains are crushed together to break them up, readying them for brewing.

Step 2


The milled grains are added to hot water in the mash tun, where the grain’s starches are broken down into fermentable sugars through a process known as mash conversion.

Step 3


The mash is then transferred from the mash tun to another vessel called the lauter tun where the sweet, sugar water (wort) is separated from the spent grain solids.

Step 4


The wort (sugar water) is pumped into a kettle (in our case, back into the mash tun – it does double duty) and brought to a boil. At this point, hops are added.

Step 5


After the wort has been cooled, and any remaining solid particles removed from it, it is transferred to a fermenter, where yeast is added. Yeast, a living microbe, feeds on sugar and produces alcohol and carbon dioxide.

Step 6


At a certain point, fermentation is halted by dropping the temperature of the now young beer. This new beer is then allowed to rest for a given amount of time, depending on the style, to allow the flavor and finish to develop.

Step 7

Carbonating & Packaging

Once the beer is mature, it is ready to be packaged. Often, the beer requires additional carbonation. It can also be filtered to improve clarity. The finished beer is then put into kegs, bottles, or cans.