About Us

The Bull Durham Beer Co. family is a team of craft brew experts creating knockout beers just feet from home plate.

From the First Pitch

Tate Little is a Sandlot Legend turned pro. School teacher by day, and homebrewer by night, he spent 20 years wowing his family and friends with new creations. Like the great family member he is, Tate brewed a batch of his signature Kolsch for his sister-in-law’s wedding reception. He knocked the batch out of the park and caught the taste buds of the Team Owner, who happened to be at the wedding. The Owner and Head Coach convened and decided to acquire his talents.

Our beer brings the ‘locally brewed’ motto to a whole new level. Each step of crafting a Bull Durham Beer takes place in the stadium surrounded by the fans who will enjoy it.

Home Field

As the first brewery in the country owned by a Minor League team, Bull Durham Beer Co. figured, what better place to brew than right next to the concession stands selling our beers? The location inside the Durham Bulls Athletic Park ensures our connection to the fans and our roots in baseball never fade.


409 Blackwell St
Durham, NC 27701